I’m not entirely sure if this applies to all the McDonald’s outlets in the world, but the ones I’ve been to usually have soft serve ice cream (they call it a Vanilla Cone in Singapore) on the menu. It’s a simple, inexpensive sweet treat that hits the spot after a savory serving of burgers and fries.

It’s just vanilla ice cream served on a wafer cone, something so simple that almost nothing can go wrong… almost. We shan’t spoil it for you. Check out the video clip after the break!

Although I’ve never worked in the food and beverage industry, I’ve been in the service line for a short while and I’ve seen my fair share of customers leaving their mobile phones, credit cards, umbrellas, and even the items they had just paid for, at the counter. Buying an ice cream cone and forgetting the cone? Now that’s on a totally different level.

I wouldn’t completely dismiss the possibility of someone actually doing that, since many people are so engrossed in their mobile gadgets these days, but in this instance, it was a gag video filmed by Manner Production, a production team based in Macau. The team does produce short films on a more serious note, but they’ve recently been in the limelight due to their prank videos.

The video above was an overnight hit on Weibo and Facebook, and it seems that the fast food restaurant’s staff were affected by the widespread popularity of the prank video. The team belatedly realized the after effects of their prank and have since personally apologized to the service staff for any inconvenience caused. The production team has also posted an open apology on their Facebook page, stating that they will be more considerate in their future gag productions.

If there’s anyone else who owes an apology for pranking the staff at McDonald’s, it has to be this guy, who has been “coning” since 2011!

There’s nothing bad with pulling a harmless prank or two, but it wouldn’t hurt to show a little consideration to the people getting pranked too! That said, I’m pretty sure these pranksters don’t mean any harm, they’re probably just trying to get some laughs. If that got you laughing, check out Manner Production’s other pranks on their Facebook page!

Source: ETToday
Image: Manner Production on Facebook