Nagoya’s resident six-meter mannequin has been looking a little long in the face recently. What on earth’s going on with her?!

First off, if you’re not from Nagoya then you probably have no idea who Nana-chan is, so allow us to introduce her. Nana-chan is a huge, 6.1-meter-tall white woman-shaped, mannequin-like ‘art installation’ in Nagoya Station.

She’s one of the most popular meeting spots in the area, similar to Hachiko at Shibuya Station in Tokyo, or Big Man in Umeda Station in Osaka. She stands in front of the Meitetsu Bus Center, looking large, white, and imposing. Her outfit is changed once per month, and she can rock a huge variety of styles, from beach bikinis to school uniform, to cosplay outfits.



▼ But something’s a bit off with Nana-chan this month.


The clue to what’s going on here is in the police tape on the cones at her feet which, instead of ‘caution’, are plastered with the world ‘sale’. Apparently the summer sale at the Meitetsu Department Store is so shocking, that her jaw literally dropped. Of course it’s become a talking point online, with most Netizens seeming quite bemused, while others don’t really ‘get’ it.

“I don’t understand modern art…”
“I guess she’s showing her surprise at the cheapness”
“Is that a beard?”
“Nagoya’s scary”
“That jaw’s a dangerous weapon…”
“If you pulled her down you could use her for nagashi-sōmen
“I’d be terrified to see her looming out of the darkness”

It’s certainly attention-grabbing, although I agree with those that find it a little on the creepy side. Then again, I thought she was creepy to start with, even before the floor-smashing chin.

▼ Here’s a handy map for if you want to go pay Nana-chan a visit.

Source: HamuSoku
Other Images: Kikuko Nagoya