2014.06.28 pokemon art 8

While many people love the Pokémon video game series for its addicting gameplay, there is no denying the popularity of the hundreds of cute characters featured in the famous Nintendo franchise. Earlier this month in Japan, the new Nintendo DS game Pokémon Art Academy was released and is already inspiring Japanese amateur artists to create their own Pokémon masterpieces. But some on Twitter recently have discovered how the video game may be just a little bit too easy on these virtual artists and began sharing some of their very “special” artwork.

The game, which will launch in Europe next month and in the U.S. in October, has more than 40 tutorials on how to draw different Pokémon and 100 templates to create your own critter. It is based off the Art Academy series that taught users drawing techniques on their DS. The game makes use of the dual screens on the DS by showing users the example on the top screen and letting users draw on the screen below.

While it’s safe to say that Japanese gamers weren’t buying Pokémon Art Academy to get their virtual paintings featured at the Louvre, many of these Pokémon artists were pretty surprised to see how easy it was to get a “great job!” from the in-game art teacher. Compared to past examples of Pokémon fan art, these virtual paintings aren’t necessarily terrible, but netizens found it very amusing how the game seemed to praise just about anything that was drawn on the screen. So while you are waiting for the game to be released in your country, check out some examples of the Pokémon art below!

▼ This artist’s version of Torchic looks a little different from the example on top…

2014.06.28 pokemon art 1Image: Twitter (fubuki158)

▼ This virtual Van Gogh decided to serve up Fletchling as reasonably priced stick of yakitori

2014.06.28 pokemon art 2Image: Twitter (marumaro3725)

Oshawott seemed to have gained some extra faces here

2014.06.28 pokemon art 3Image: Twitter (baaaaacham)

Voltrob goes full glam

2014.06.28 pokemon art 4Image: Twitter (marumaro)

▼ This Pokémon artist was quite pleased their “very accurate” drawing of Fennekin was praised by the virtual art teacher

2014.06.28 pokemon art 5Image: Twitter (fubuki158)

▼ Ummm… that Pachirisu looks a little bit like another famous Pokémon

2014.06.28 pokemon art 6Image: Twitter (fubuki158)

▼ The cold weather Glaceon seen on an unusually hot day trying to keep cool

2014.06.28 pokemon art 7Image: Twitter (Pocket_Drop)

▼ Pikachu, get back in the Pokéball. Something really wrong just happened

2014.06.28 pokemon art 8Image: Twitter (gonzarez1938)

▼ I guess Xerneas does sort of look like that…

2014.06.28 pokemon art 9Image: Twitter (gonzarez1938)

▼ This virtual artist is having trouble even on the outline of Pikachu

2014.06.28 pokemon art 11Image: Twitter (mosomosomosoko)

▼ And for something completely different, this Pokéman artist used the power of the video game to create this expertly drawn chikuwa, or a grilled tube of fish paste

2014.06.28 pokemon art 15 Image: Twitter (Fukudakogyo)

▼ Smells like the Tepig is ready!

2014.06.28 pokemon art 16Image: Twitter (yakitori_EX)

So which one is your favorite? We personally love Pikachu-turned-Funasshi, but we do have a soft spot for that jiggly yellow pear.

Source: Jin 115