The heat of summer is gradually spreading across various parts of the world, including Taiwan. To combat it, one creative dad handmade a pair of extra cooling, all natural underpants for his five-year-old son, which quickly became a sensation among Taiwanese netizens when he uploaded the pictures on Facebook!

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A glass of chilled, fresh watermelon juice is perhaps the most satisfying drink on a hot summer’s day. But what do you do after getting all the juice out of the watermelon? Don’t throw away the rind; make a pair of underwear out of it like this Taiwanese dad did!


After cutting the watermelon in half and scooping out the flesh of the fruit for juicing, Ruifeng Fan cut two holes in the rind and carved a pair of underpants for his little boy. He said that boy watched with great interest as he crafted the watermelon briefs, and was very eager to put them on.

When the boy finally got to put on his freshly created underwear, he commented that it felt cold to the touch. He gleefully posed for the camera and his photos received great response on the internet after his dad posted them on Facebook. Many netizens commented on how cute the boy looked, but among the comments there were some who asked if the dad could tailor-make one for them!

▼ Look forward to seeing this photo on your wedding day, little guy!


▼ His braces could maybe do with being an inch or two shorter…


It’s not the first time we’ve seen pictures of kids dressed up in watermelon “clothing” on the internet. It certainly seems like a fun, eco and wallet-friendly way to have fun with your little ones!



If you’re intending to try this out on your children, however, do keep in mind that watermelons are fresh produce after all and germs and bacteria are likely to breed on the moist watermelon rinds. Well, that being said, there shouldn’t be any life-threatening problems with wearing a watermelon unless you’re allergic, or if you’re intending to wear it for months on end. Have some quick fun with it, and remember to give your little one a good shower after that to be clean and safe!

Source: ETToday
Images: ETToday, Sohu, dx365