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While we’d never advocate acts of revenge as such, we have to admit that, if it’s worth doing at all, it’s worth doing well. And this is one such example.

Dumped seven years ago because he was too poor even to take his girl to the movies, this now highly successful businessman continued to be plagued by feelings of bitterness and regret. Deciding that it was time to exorcise his love-life demons once and for all, he splashed his cash and bought up thousands of tickets for the Beijing premiere of Transformers: Age of Extinction, giving them away to those who spread the word of his tremendous wealth online.

Posting to Twitter-like micro-blogging site Sina Weibo, the man known only as Mr. Wang wrote that he had been ditched by his girlfriend seven years ago shortly after being unable to pay for them to see a film together. Writing him off as no good, the girl allegedly moved away from the area in which they were living to set up in Beijing, which to this day still irked and saddened the man.

Wang turned his heartache into positive energy, though, and vowed to become a success and prove his ex wrong. More than half a decade of hard work later, he owns a successful business in Shanghai and makes roughly US$80k a month. Not too shabby for a guy who once couldn’t afford the cheap seats!

But what was all that money if his status-obsessed ex would never even know about it? The two had not spoken for years, but Wang felt sure that the girl still resided in Beijing, which got him thinking.

When director Michael Bay‘s new film Transformers: Age of Extinction was announced to premiere in the city on June 23, Wang saw the perfect opportunity to make a public statement and show the girl who jilted him how successful he had become. He quickly hatched a plan to buy up every single ticket at a number of IMAX theatres across Beijing, then took to the internet to share photos proving his purchases (which look to have amounted to roughly half of his monthly salary), and offer the tickets to those who wanted them and would share his post.

Before long, Wang’s post had been shared 110,000 times and amassed more than 35,000 comments. At the end of it all, as many as 1,590 people had bagged tickets to see the film for free, courtesy of Mr. Wang.

Understandably, plenty of people were angered that the businessmen had snatched up so many tickets for himself, and commented that thanks to his antics they were unable to see the film as they have planned. But equally many others have commended him on the move and are sure that his ex girlfriend is now kicking herself.

“I just want to say that you may have been wrong to make that decision,” Wang wrote on his blog when asking people to share his post. You know what, Mr. Wang? Wherever she is right now, we’re guessing that your ex probably agrees.

Source/top image: Narinari via Niconico News