What does it take to become a winner in life? Some may say money is the key, while others may think that good looks can take you places. Let’s not forget the romantic ones who swear that love conquers all.

People often lament that life is unfair. Well, life really is unfair because while many of us are struggling just to get one of the abovementioned factors fulfilled, this lucky lady in China has it all, and she’s only in her twenties! Chinese netizens have unanimously agreed that this is probably what it looks like to be a true winner in life!

This Chinese beauty, known as 王火锅是火锅王 (wang huo guo shi huo guo wang) on Weibo, has been the talk of the town as of late. Her seemingly flawless life has attracted the attention of Chinese netizens, with many of them commenting that she’s the ultimate winner in life. Here’s what she has that are making many netizens green with envy:

  • Youth and good looks

Still in her twenties, Wang is fresh-faced and bright-eyed, and has long black hair, which many regard as a symbol of beauty. Besides looking cute as a button, she also has a slender physique and model-like legs to die for.




▼ She doesn’t even seem to put on flab during pregnancy!

  • A Master’s degree

Wang has recently graduated with a Master’s degree. Though most of her coursemates have yet to step into the next phase of their lives, this music major beauty is already happily married, has a two-year-old son, and is currently expecting her second child, a baby girl!

  • A loving husband and an adorable son

A husband who would dry your hair for you after your shower? What woman wouldn’t be happy with that? He even goes grocery shopping with her and cooks for her. Of course, he’s a doting dad to their little tot too!






  • Wealth

We’ve never visited their home, of course, but judging from the rooms and furnishings in the backdrop of Wang’s photos, we’re guessing they must be pretty well off.

▼ High ceiling, check. Chandelier, check.

▼ Fabulous bathtub, check.

▼ Multiple computers, check. Gigantic bed, check.

▼ Expensive-looking sofa, check. Huge painting on the wall, check.

  • A high-end car

Did we mention that they own a Ferrari? Well, now we have. She drives a Ferrari.


What do you think are the criteria to meet in order to be a “winner in life”? Personally, I think that living your own life and not comparing with others is the sure-win way in life because even the most “perfect” being has their own troubles. Life is short, so I’d rather spend mine appreciating the things and people who are part of my life, like you!

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Source: ETToday
Images: Weibo