Superheroes such as the Avengers have won the hearts of fans across the globe with their awesome powers and cool suits (well, except the Hulk since he pretty much rips whatever he wears). But you know how some parents and teachers always complain that comics, animations and movies these days contain too much violence, and that isn’t good for the children?

If only there was a way to make our favorite superheroes milder and cuter, yet still awesome and powerful… Oh right! These Hello Kitty heroes should do the trick!

Some of you might have already seen these Hello Kitty superhero memes floating around cyberspace. As far as the mighty Internet would tell us, it appears that the Hello Kitty customization started on Tumblr with Captain America getting the first makeover, and soon the other Avengers got jazzed up in pink too, and… well, just see for yourselves!

▼ Captain Americatumblr_n613drI9yd1s3mpv2o1_500

▼ The Falcontumblr_n5naxumwLt1rrl12ro1_1280

▼ Nick Furyo5mXoaGWlKGVp6k

▼ Iron Mantumblr_n5nlbnYwuU1rrl12ro2_r1_1280


▼ Thortumblr_n5ynvwh9GW1rrl12ro1_500

▼ Hawkeyetumblr_n5mkkfApdI1rsonuao1_1280

Pink Black Widowo5mXo6CVlKGVp6w

▼ Agent Coulsontumblr_n67u76EUJN1rrl12ro1_500

▼ Winter Soldiertumblr_n411anfwow1rrm2zoo1_r1_500

▼ Superkitty… we mean, Supermano5mXpKCWlKGVqKU

▼ Batmano5mXo6aVlKGVqKQ

▼ Magnetoo5mXo6KclKGVqKM

▼ Gandalftumblr_msgjsgInKG1rrm2zoo1_500

Unlike the Photoshop trolls we’re more than familiar with, the creative decorators who created these memes were extremely detailed with their customizations. Just look at those cute ribbons and Swarovski crystals! They’re so cute and sparkly, we actually really want to see what their powers look like in Hello Kitty style.

Maybe in this cutesy mode, they’d be able to save the world and defeat villains without as much violence and explosive damage. What do you think their special powers’ effects would look like? Get creative in the comments section below!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Tumblr (1, 2, 3), Zhaizhai News