I’ve written (somewhat facetiously) so many times about the whole “beautiful woman doing things” trend that’s been going on in Asia since probably the invention of the Internet that just seeing beautiful women in Asian media is starting to give me headaches.

This time around, the trend has apparently jumped the shark to a degree that it’s starting to repeat itself, as we’re now treated to the second “beautiful woman being a newscaster” in under a year. This time it’s Taiwan’s Junze Zhuo, a Fox News Taiwan representative and, by all means, overall lovely lady who is drawing such tasteful comments from the Japanese Internet as, “I wish she’d grab my mic.”

While primarily based in Taiwan, she’s made at least one trip to Japan in the past, where she covered a Nippon Ham Fighters baseball game at the Tokyo Dome and apparently left quite an impression on fans. She’s also apparently known in her native Taiwan as a “beautiful and accomplished woman.” This time out, we’re at least getting a little more background about this “beautiful woman doing things,” as Japanese media tells us Zhuo had always dreamed of being a newscaster and attended a communications school in pursuit of that dream.

Sure, we’re going to part with you here with a huge cache of photos of the gorgeous reporter, but before that, I’m just going to leave this here…











Source: Kininaru Sokuhou
Photos: Ms. Zhuo’s Facebook page