Meet Taylor, the next big ‘gaijin in Japan’ model. We’d almost to be tempted to classify her as a recruit to the real life doll army, but she’s actually more on the cute than creepy side of the scale.

Taylor is a Canadian model, blogger and YouTuber. She speaks English, Chinese, and Japanese (somewhat), and has over 140,000 followers on Facebook. Jealous yet? She loves to model, make hair and makeup vids, and spread kawaii culture to the world.

After traveling around the world and then settling in Hong Kong, Taylor has now been working in Japan since June and has already made her debut in Japanese fashion magazines such as Vivi. She’s also started writing in Japanese on her Ameblog.

Japanese people seem to think she’s cho kawaii, but I’m sure Westerners will be divided. Our Japanese writer said that she’s ‘toooo cute’, her voice is ‘sweet and adorable’, and you ‘can’t help but fall in love with her’. No doubt others will have different words to describe her, but whatever you think, she’s doing pretty well for herself right now!


▼ Taylor narrates her Harajuku shopping vlog with a somewhat dubious accent, but gets points for effort.



▼ See how she uses makeup to enhance her eyes, and hear her Canadian accent.

▼ I’m suddenly feeling kind of stumpy…


▼ Taylor’s making an effort to learn Japanese, which is appreciated by her fans over here.




▼ Her favorite clothing brands include Japanese sweet lolita-style brand Liz Lisa.


Taylor’s already had quite a successful modeling career in Hong Kong, and while her Japanese one is only just getting started she seems to be bang on-trend for the fashion mags here. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her in the future.

Images from Taylor’s official sites: Official Site,  YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Ameblo, Weibo
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