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When traveling, one of the absolute most important questions you need to be able to ask is: “Can I have more beer?” The next most important question is: “Where is the toilet?” Of course, sometimes there’s no one around to ask or you’re simply too busy dancing in place to think of the words. Fortunately, toilet signs exist–you wouldn’t want to walk into a closet thinking it was the water closet after all.

Though we don’t usually think of toilets as places for fun, we have to say we appreciate it when folks take a little time to spice up everyday activities like making pancakes or taking a wee. So here’s some of the best toilet signs from around the planet!

Japanese netizens, like Internet users of any country, love kittens and a good laugh. They even love a bit of, wait for it, potty humor! After one Japanese Twitter user tweeted a photo of a pair of toilet signs at Lunpini Park in Bangkok, a flurry of forum activity produced a slew of excellent toilet sign photos from around the world. They left of laughing and we suspect they’ll do the same for you!

▼Bangkok, where life is a dance

toilet sign (1)

▼United States, where apparently only men use wheel chairs

toilet sign (13)

▼South Korea, where…well, honestly, we have no idea what’s happening here!

toilet sign (15)

▼Taiwain, where cubism lives on in the restrooms

toilet sign (3)

▼Turkey, where the men pee with pride

toilet sign (4)

▼Sweden, where there is a surprising lack of arms in the population

toilet sign (5)

▼Thailand, where…actually, no, this just makes sense

toilet sign (6)

▼United States, where the spirit of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy lives on

toilet sign (10)

▼Iran, where…well, this one is self explanatory, isn’t it?

toilet sign (7)

▼United States, where people apparently really like Spongebob Squarepants

toilet sign (9)

▼Australia, where you’d expect to find more bikinis…

toilet sign (2)

▼France, where it looks like everyone is a green monster…

toilet sign (8)

  ▼United States, where heads and clothes are optional

toilet sign (11)

▼United Kingdom, where cultural appropriation is really getting out of hand!

toilet sign (14)

▼Bulgaria, where everyone has a pot to piss in

toilet sign (16)

▼Scotland, where puns go to live out their twilight years

toilet sign (17)

▼United States, where artists aren’t terribly familiar with how legs work

toilet sign (12)

▼Japan, where you can find the “jazz hands” toilet sign


You might not appreciate a silly potty sign while you are dancing with ants in your pants, but we’re sure you’ll enjoy them more on your way out of the toilet. So next time you’ve relieved yourself, be sure to cast a glance over your shoulders and see if you missed anything on your way to the porcelain.

Maybe we should change it from “Stop and smell to the roses” to “Stop and admire the toilet signs.”

Source: Kinisoku
Images: Twitpic, Kinisoku, Twitter