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Cosplay can be an expensive hobby. With all of the elaborate wigs, robes, weapons and accessories required to get an ensemble just right, it’s not like you can wander into any old hardware store and pick up everything you need to become your favourite movie, game or anime hero.

Actually, scratch that. It turns out that’s exactly what you can do…

We first introduced you to Lowcost Cosplay back in the spring this year, praising the Facebook group’s take on a hobby that, when taken to its extremes, can be one of the most expensive out there. Using everyday objects like masking tape, cooking foil and even coat hangers, Lowcost Cosplay’s special brand of dress-up costs mere pennies to put together, but requires a wealth of creativity–and a good sense of humour–to get right.

Here are just a few of the more recent outfits Lowcost Cosplay is featuring. Enjoy!

▼ Transformers, Thai-style

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▼ Silver Surfer looking as sharp as ever

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▼Wolverine will cut your heart out with a spoon (‘cos it’ll hurt more)

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▼ This portrayal of X-Men‘s Mystique might be our favourite of the bunch

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▼ Manly

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▼ Proof that Ang Lee could have made his film with a fraction of the budget

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▼ Even at 32 years of age, clowns (hamburger-selling or otherwise) remain terrifying

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▼ Sexy ladies in HD!

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▼ Who needs special effects when you have imagination?

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Mulan‘s Li Shang gets lost in a moment on the toilet

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▼ Just your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man

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There are tons more photos to enjoy over on Lowcost Cosplay, so do yourself a favour, make your Monday that little bit brighter and head over there now.

Source: Lowcost Cosplay h/t Kotaku US