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While snow cones never really caught on in Japan, the country sure does love shaved ice. It’s easy to see why, since every summer brings soaring temperatures and high humidity, and a bowl of shaved ice is a refreshing way to cool off. Add a dash of brightly-colored syrup, and you’ve got a low-calorie, wholesome treat.

At least, it’s usually wholesome. Put a group of creepy anime fans in charge of serving shaved ice though, and you can count on them to find a way to make it pretty disgusting.

Two ways, actually. (Potentially NSFW pics after the jump)

Just to be clear, the following images are just shaved ice with syrup. That said, someone could easily get the wrong idea about them, so we don’t recommend looking at them if you’re at work or school, and especially not if you happen to be enjoying a bowl of shaved ice right now. Should any of those be the case, please feel free to look at one of our less provocative stories, and come back here later.

Everyone else, brace yourselves, because things are about to get messy and disturbing in pretty equal proportions.

On July 6, an event was held in Akihabara by a dojinshi group. Dojinshi are fan-produced comics, and being outside the control of mainstream publishers gives them an unparalleled degree of creative freedom, Sometimes this results in challenging, complex narratives and artwork. Other times, you just end up with no-holds barred titillation.

This 500-yen (US$4.90) event fell into the latter category.

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At the venue, there was a table set up with a selection of “drinkable urine,” with bottles decorated with pictures of the 2-D girls implied to have supplied the “beverages.” The provided cups were, of course, of the same variety the doctor will ask you to pee in when you go to the hospital for a physical.

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Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time a dojinshi group has produced anime pee, and we’re not sure whether we should be happy humanity hasn’t slid any further down into the depths of disturbing bodily waste fetishism or depressed that it’s apparently already hit rock bottom. In any case, it’s likely that the suspicious-looking liquid is actually just tea, as has been the case in previous situations like this.

The recent event decided to put another spin on things though, by also offering shaved ice. While the ice itself came from a normal grinding machine, a life-sized illustration of a bespectacled girl in a rather awkward pose dispensed the syrup.

The lemon-flavored, bright yellow syrup.

▼ Hard to believe no real girls showed up, isn’t it?

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Apparently, the organizers eventually ran out of yellow syrup. We’re more than a little dismayed that there’re that many people who’re intrigued by the prospect of eating anime pee, but at least if they’re out of lemon syrup, that should put a stop on the creepiness, right?

Not if they still have strawberry flavor.

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Wow, we didn’t think you could make anime pee be the lesser of two evils, but these guys totally did. We’re thoroughly grossed out, but on a purely theoretical level, we have to say we’re impressed by the creativity, not to mention their commitment to dessert presentation that so thoroughly outstrips their need for actual female companionship.

Stay classy, guys…

Sources: Hachima Kiko, AOL Japan
Top image: Twitter (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert images: Twitter (1, 2, 3), Hachima Kiko