We all know witches and wizards can fly on brooms, but did you know that they’re not the only mythical beings that use brooms? Mermaids use brooms too, apparently. We’re just not so sure if they can swim with them.

The creative citizens of Thailand have once again proved that they’re the leaders of the low-cost cosplay world with their budget mermaid outfits!

In 2012, a locally produced TV serial drama titled รักนี้…หัวใจมีครีบ (Ruk Nee…Hua Jai Mee Krib; loosely translated as Mermaid’s Love) captured the hearts of many Thai viewers. The lighthearted school-life romance drama starring Mew Laknara Piatha and Pop Thagoon Karnthip revolves around a bunch of marine science students and, of course, mermaids.


We’re slightly puzzled why these budget mermaid cosplays started going viral only recently, two years after the drama serial was first aired, but we’re guessing these folks might have been inspired by this Thai cosplay genius who sparked off the boom for low-cost cosplay earlier this year.

What’s even more interesting is that there seems to be more mermen than mermaids lurking among the Thai netizens!

▼ Gotta admit, the tiara’s a nice touch.10418184_791554810877173_329157150947964787_n


▼ Mermen blending in with their beds. Perhaps this is some camouflage technique mer-people have.10455359_685325388206100_1860328762565548994_n



▼ This one’s my favorite by far. Just look at his beautiful flipper!10447747_792741627425158_1849635148923681223_n


▼ Finally, a mermaid!BnR1FkCCAAAagfn

▼ Kids are joining in the fun too!BnW2A9MCAAA1_Pv

▼OK, this one’s just a bit scary…

Ever wanted to be a mermaid? Now you know how! If you’ve ever done this, kudos to you! But if it never came across your mind that you could become a mermaid with everyday items such as a broom and some sheets, perhaps you should give these guys a big thumbs-up for their fantastic idea!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Facebook, Twitter (1, 2, 3), mThai, Viki