Totoro 7 swallowing 2

If you’ve spent some time in Japan, you’re probably aware that there are several things you can count on in Japanese TV — that there’ll be tons of crazy-looking commercials, there’s more than likely to be at least one channel showing footage of a reporter or celebrity eating some gourmet dish and exclaiming “Oishi! (Delicious!)”  and that broadcasts of Studio Ghibli movies constantly seem to do relatively well, with a certain percentage of the population always eager to see a Ghibli film at any time. Last Friday was no exception when My Neighbor Totoro, the hit Ghibli classic loved by kids around the world, was aired on TV, and it looks like Japanese Twitter users had a great time sharing some silly parody Totoro images. Here are a few we thought we’d share with you!

Twitter user @reversi1021 tweeted the series of pictures below, showing how images from the movie looked on his TV, which obviously wasn’t in 100% working order, as the black color appeared a ghoulish red. The comment accompanying the tweet says, “Our TV isn’t working quite properly, and the image right now looks much scarier than a haunted  house. What kind of  ‘Dark World’ is this?” and other Twitter users seem to agree, saying that the images are “absolutely too creepy” and “like something out of Silent Hill”.

Totoro 1 TV red 1

Totoro 2 TV red 2

Totoro 3 TV red 3

Totoro 4 TV red 4

Photos: Twitter (@reversi1021) 

Ryutaro Nonomura, who has been making headlines around the world as the “crying assemblyman”, also made an appearance in the following tweet by user @sl5m, as the face of Mei calling out for her older sister much in the same way Nonomura bawled during his press conference.

Totoro 5 Nonomura

photo: Twitter (Minazuki Syria@sl5m) 

And here’s a slightly creepy one tweeted by user @bokoyai, with the caption, “Daddy sells ohana” with a pun on the word ohana, which can mean either flower or nose in Japanese. Totoro 6 ohana

photo: Twitter (@bokoyai) 

This is a slightly scream-worthy one by user @G_OO which is … well, quite self-explanatory as Totoro is seen swallowing Mei.Totoro 7 swallowing

photo: Twitter (@G_OO)

And here’s one that’s a collaboration with Pokémon, with the huggable Snorlax (Kabigon in Japanese) taking Totoro’s place. Totoro 8 Snorlax

photo: Twitter (@G_OO)

There was even a tweet which pointed out the fact that while Totoro has been aired an impressive 14 times, the Japanese voice-over version of Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘s Commando has aired 15 times on Japanese TV. Wow, we didn’t know that!Totoro 9 Commando

photo: Twitter (@better_mark_ho)

So, what did you think of the silly images? The tweets actually may be one of the best parts about seeing a Ghibli movie on TV. We’re certainly glad for the laughs they provide, and since yet another Ghibli film The Secret World of Arrietty is scheduled to air this coming Friday, we’re sure the Ghibli fans across Japan will be busy tweeting again come Friday evening. Hopefully, we can look forward to some more funny tweets then!

Source: Hamster Sokuho