Shibuya Crossing is the busiest scramble crossing in the world, with 3,000 pedestrians crossing at once during peak times and recognized internationally thanks to prominent shots in films such as Lost in Translation. So what better place to celebrate your team’s win in the World Cup? You’re sure to attract some attention, even if it’s literally just you and a flag…

It’s official – Germany has taken top spot in the 2014 FIFA World Cup championships, beating Argentina 1-0 during extra time. One German supporter here in Japan was so overjoyed that he did a victory run across Shibuya Crossing, Germany’s national flag held high over his head.

His antics were snapped and posted to Twitter, going on to be retweeted over 20,000 times.

Spotted this (probably German) guy with the German flag at Shibuya Crossing!! He was running calmly by himself with the flag spread out. Congrats!

And, rather surprisingly, Netizens loved him! Apparently during this World Cup there’s been some trouble around Shibuya Crossing during Japan’s matches, with fans in the national kit getting generally over-excited and forcing high-fives upon unsuspecting passers-by. These groups have been criticized by other supporters for giving football fans a bad image, and for being generally idiotic and ‘pervy’. Seeing this presumably German football fan expressing his excitement in such a joyous but unobtrusive way melted the hearts of even those who still feel sore about Japan’s early departure from the competition.

“Congratulations, Germany on your victory!!!”

“Someone lift him onto their shoulders!”




“I wanna join in!”

“I thought it was gonna be the pervy Japan fans again.”

“Didn’t he have any friends cheering with him?”

“Congrats!! Japanese people should follow your example.”

“Germans are really funny.”

It’s true that sports can often divide us, but sometimes they can also bring us together. Congratulations Germany on your win! Maybe next time, Japan, maybe next time…

Source: HamuSoku, Twitter, Football Channel JP