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Wow, now those are some amazing baby blues. Even if you’re not a cat lover, or not really into pets in general, there’s no denying this is a cat with a captivating countenance.

With eyes twice as beautiful as most other felines’, you might you might come to the conclusion that this cat would still look beautiful with its eyes half-shut.

You’d be wrong, though. Hilariously wrong.

This frequently photogenic kitty is named Setsu, who we’ve talked about once before. As is the case with a lot of cute pets, her owner Mino likes to take pictures of Setsu and share them on Twitter, and today we’re looking at a few fresh snapshots.

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Ordinarily, Setsu’s cool blue eyes give her a sense of calm sophistication. Even sticking her tongue out can’t completely undo her dignified demeanor.

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Sticking her tongue out when sleep is tugging on her eyelids, though, takes Setsu’s looks down several notches on the beauty scale, as we’ve seen before. And just to show that the one picture you saw wasn’t a fluke, take a look at a few more of Setsu’s sleepy glamour shots:

SC 5

Apparently looking that good is hard work, and when Mino’s kitty is feeling sleepy, she can’t maintain her normal waking appearance. Still, it’s nice to know that everyone, human or cat, looks pretty silly right before they doze off.

▼ Sweet dreams, Setsu.

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Source, images: Grape