While many anime lovers around the world were going gaga over the release of Sailor Moon’s new series, Chinese internet users were raving over their own upholder of justice, this gorgeous policewoman from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China!

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Aged 24 this year, 迪丽热巴·牙合甫 (pronounced as Dilireba Yahefu), or Di-Li on Weibo, is a Tajik (one of the many ethnic groups of Xinjiang) from the Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County in western Xinjiang. She shot to fame when her photos were shared across Chinese SNS platforms, not just because of her stunning good looks, but also because she’s a member of the special police force!




When interviewed by Chinese news site iYaxin, Di-Li commented that she had no idea her photos went viral until her sister, who had heard the news from a friend in Mainland China, told her about it. She had posted her photos online with the simple intention of keeping her friends updated since they seldom get to meet up. However, she appeared to be optimistic about the sudden fame, saying that it motivates her to work harder so as to uphold the reputation of Xinjiang policewomen.




Chinese netizens have been smitten by the beauty’s bright eyes and sweet smile, with some even commenting that she “looks like an angel”, not to mention she looks totally kick-ass in that sassy uniform! With her model-like looks, it is no surprise that the multi-talented Di-Li has ever been scouted by film makers, but she coolly refused the offer saying: “I have already signed up for the examinations to become part of the special police forces, and I have no second thoughts about it.”

What a cool girl! Di-Li revealed that when she initially chose to enter the police academy, many of her friends and relatives tried to discourage her from doing so, worried that the job might be too tough and dangerous. However, that never stopped her from working towards her childhood dream of becoming a police officer. Even though training is commonly much more taxing on women than men due to physical strength differences, Di-Li brushed it off saying that she loves it because it’s challenging. She always passed her tests with flying colors, and her coursemates and teachers would always joke saying that she’s a beauty on the outside but a young lad on the inside.



Now a full-fledged member of the special police forces, Di-Li continues to work hard in fulfilling her responsibilities. Her squad leader comments that the power babe always takes her job seriously, and never complains about the job being tough. In the light of the recent online sensation, he adds that the whole team is happy and proud of her as she really is a wonderful policewoman.

Source: ETToday
Reference: iYaxin
Images: Weibo, ETToday