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When it comes to on-field spectacle and non-game antics in Western sports, baseball is without a doubt the most restrained. It eschews the cheerleaders of basketball, the super high-budget halftime shows of football and the fights of hockey for, at best, a bored guy in a cheap mascot costume doing something silly in the dugout two or three times a game.

But, in Taiwan, apparently, baseball is just all kinds of bonkers.

For your consideration, here is an absolutely crazy opening pitch from a week or so ago that saw a woman dressed in cheetah-pattern doing a ridiculous and totally unnecessary strip-tease before tossing the ball over the plate, then rubbing her half-naked body all over the catcher. Also, for a while, the catcher is blindfolded because, at this point, why not?

Somehow, people were still able to play baseball after all this bizarreness, instead of everyone just looking around in confusion for two hours and going home. If the surreal pre-game striptease and gratuitous underboob weren’t enough to convince you that baseball in Taiwan is the most entertaining sport out there, this happened at a separate recent Taiwanese match:

With the YouTube video of weird yoga lady gathering millions of views and this being the Internet, comments were unsurprisingly lewd, vicious and occasionally clever:

“I don’t know if this belongs at a baseball game, but it’s certainly fun to watch.”

“This girl must be related to Miley Cyrus somehow.”

“A little too thin for my taste.”

“She’s definitely better than 50 Cent!”

We can only imagine that after the viral popularity of the video, Taiwanese opening pitch ceremonies are going to get even crazier. We’re just, you know, not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

Source: AOL Japan