Back in my teaching days, some of my more hormonally afflicted students would take great pleasure in asking me whatever inappropriate or perverted questions popped into their heads, often wrongly assuming that I wouldn’t understand what they were saying. Sometimes they’d even break out some crude English with questions like (pointing to my crotch) “Sensei, are you long boy?”, “Do you play sex?”, or “How about Japanese adult video?”

One question that came up curiously often, though, was whether I was “esu” or “emu“, or in English: “Are you a sadist or a masochist?”

I’ve never really thought of myself as either, but chats with a few of my Japanese coworkers soon led me to believe that a surprising number of people here consider themselves to be one or the other. Can you guess which group the owners of these gagged dakimakura belong to?

Currently all the rage on Twitter, owners of anime-themed hug pillows and bedsheets are uploading photos of their prized sleep paraphernalia with strips of duct-tape over the characters’ mouths as if keeping them prisoner. It’s a simple trick, but with some of characters already wearing pained expressions, that tiny bit of tape actually changes their look quite dramatically.



▼This gag might actually be a good idea…





▼ I don’t know whether this is better or worse than the tape…


Quite why anyone would want to gag their cuddle buddy (they are just cuddling, right!?) is anyone’s guess, but so long as they’re keeping it in the bedroom we suppose there’s no real harm done.

Be nice to your hug-pillows please, folks!

Source: Netorabo