On 17 June a tweet went out reporting a well-dressed man picking up garbage on the street while pulling around a stuffed turtle and scrub brush on leashes. Fans of Kanto area eccentrics should recognize this guy as Cornman or Tawashi Ojisan as he often calls himself.

Although lacking the ear of corn on a leash that we came to know him as having, he certainly still seems to be showing the same level of civic pride and duty as always.

“At Ikebukuro Station I came across a gentleman picking up garbage while taking a turtle and its little scrubbing brush out for a walk.”

Tawashi” is the Japanese word for a scrubbing brush making it his go-to item to be dragged around by Tawashi Ojisan (Scrub Brush Guy). However, he has also been known to pull along a daikon, sandal, stalk of broccoli, and of course an ear of corn.

Despite doing this for years now, there are still many who are uninitiated in the ways of Cornman judging by the comments made.

“Why a scrub brush?”
“He thinks it’s a dog.”
“I can’t put how I feel about this into words.”
“I’ve fallen in love.”
“Huh, truthfully I do want a turtle scrub brush.”
“Gentleman pervert?”
“I get the turtle, but a scrub brush?”
“We need people like that in Tokyo.”

Whether laughter or anger, Cornman (Scrub Brush Guy, Mr. Naganuma, or whatever you want to call him) never fails to get a reaction out of people. If you want to learn more about him and his work supporting the Tokorozawa community, you can follow Tawashi Ojisan on Twitter via the link below.

Source: Twitter via Hamusoku (Japanese)
Tawashi Ojisan: Twitter, Blog (Japanese)