In the past few days, Japanese cosplayers have flooded Twitter with their own cosplay photos situated next to original pictures of the character(s) they’re portraying. This approach is convenient because viewers can see at a glance both the source material and how well the rendition turned out.

So far, we’ve seen anime characters, Disney characters, video game characters, celebrities, robots, mythical river demons, and more! Keep reading to pick out your favorites.

We’ve compiled a slew of the best here, but you can also search for far more under the hashtag “#原作の隣に自分のコスを貼る” (“#sticking your own cosplay next to its original design”) on Twitter. We hope you’re as amused as we are by some of the submissions.

You may not believe it, but this was only the tip of the iceberg. If you still can’t get enough, go here to check out the thread as it’s being updated in real-time. Or better yet, submit your own photo to the thread!

Sources: ITmedia, Inc., Matome Naver
Top image: Twitter – @kobaleo