An adventurous Netizen found this rather bizarre outfit buried in the depths of Rakuten’s men’s underwear section, and decided to ask fellow net users who on earth they thought would or should wear it. Some of them actually managed to drag their eyes away from the unbelievably chiseled abs of the model to think deeply about this very worthwhile question. Check out their answers below.

“Male models”


“I’m an ultimate life form so it would definitely suit me”

“More than clothes, it’s more just some material”

“A girl with big boobs in a tight T-shirt”

“I’d wear it backwards and do this”


“Someone who’s handsome right to their nipples…”

“King Nikochan from Dr. Slump, or Kirby or someone…”


“What kind of use is there for it…”

“Now I know that hot guys are still hot no matter what they wear”

Then someone points out that this shred of fabric costs 6,500 yen (around US$65), which really seems a bit extortionate given how little product there actually is.

To give you a little more info, Andrew Christian is a fashion label that focuses on men’s underwear, swimwear, and sportswear. Many of their products target the gay community with provocative and sexy ad campaigns, and really really ridiculously goodlooking models like this one.


“It’s cool, it looks like something people from the future might wear”

“Niiiiiice body!”

I imagine that the above quote is the first thing that passed through most people’s minds before they actually realized that the muscled Adonis was actually wearing something quite unusual. At this stage he might as well just throw in the proverbial towel and go completely topless. Please?


Source: Vippers, Rakuten
Zoolander image from Imgarcade