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There is nothing more exciting than the birth of a child. Everyone wants to celebrate the exciting occasion, especially grandma, and nothing is more fun than having a child you can spoil whenever you want but leave all the crying to the parents.

The excitement of a new grandbaby is what one woman felt when she heard her son’s daughter had been born. She then made a five hour bus trip to her son’s home only to find he didn’t want to see his own mother because she’s “too ugly.”

This is the tragic story of Grandma Ding. Well, as one Chinese TV station is telling it. Grandma Ding and her husband worked various jobs supporting their son throughout university and when he got married, giving a gold necklace to the new daughter-in-law. Sounds like some pretty great parents, right? Here’s where this story takes a turn.

The son would never call home, but would answer some phone calls from the mother every once in a while, though they were always short. When he told his mother that his wife was having a baby girl she was determined to visit, despite the poor health she had experienced recently. The son responded as such:

You’re ugly. Don’t come. You’ll only embarrass me.

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Even with these brutal words, and against the advice of her husband, Grandma Ding brought two huge sacks filled with rice vermicelli, ham, bean curd, as well as handmade baby clothes for the new baby, and strung them on a pole to take the long bus ride from her hometown to her son’s house.

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But upon arriving in her son’s city, she couldn’t contact him. We assume she had never been there before since she had no idea where his house was, nor knew his address. She called him again and again, with no answer on the other side. Merchants and people in the area asked if she was scavenging for garbage, to which she replied, “I’m only looking for my son.”

Rallied to the cause, these strangers used their own cell phones to contact the son, even going so far as calling the car dealership the son works at pretending to be a client. Only then was a response received saying, “He’s on a business trip.”

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Hours passed, and with no hope of reaching her son, Grandma Ding heaved the presents she brought back onto the pole and began the long journey back to her house. That’s where the story ends…or does it?

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With the news report going viral in China, with over 37,000 comments over 1,800 pages, the “ungrateful” son would surely be found and harassed in real life, and indeed he was. With such attention and focus on the original piece, a follow-up article posted on July 15, seemed to fly in under the radar. It stated that the situation may have played out a little differently than was reported.

Immediately, some very important, conflicting details emerged. Essential details like how the mother had left the son and his father when he was five. How the son never actually called her “ugly” and didn’t know his mother was coming that day and really was on a business trip.

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The follow-up article written trying to explain the disparity caused some confusion, and the TV station that aired the original report eventually invited both mom and son to appear on an on-air interview to clear up the story. As reported in the article and explained on TV, it turns out it might have been a misunderstanding. With the news so readily accessible to so many people due to the internet, it becomes more important than ever for readers to exercise caution and reserve their judgment until all the facts are clear. Or else a poor car salesman in China gets hung out to dry because a TV station decided to report on a story about how “ugly” of a son he was.

Stay vigilant, readers!

Source: Phoenix Online via chinaSMACK
Images: Phoenix Online