Hey folks! The weekend is finally here! You know the drill: it’s time to let the animals out! We saw quite a few cat articles this week, so here’s one for you dog lovers out there! You know, we always try to play fair.

Introducing the hottest Husky family on Instagram, right after the break!

Husky_quartet is, as the name suggests, an Instagram page that documents the sometimes exciting, sometimes relaxing, and mostly awesome life of four beautiful Siberian Huskies. The quartet – Akira, Blaze, Shiloh and Phènix – have close to half a million followers on Instagram, possibly making them the most popular Husky quartet on online!

▼ First things first, a picture of the famous four. Phènix, Blaze, Shiloh, and Akira.

▼ Akira is the sassy diva of the pack.

▼ Although she sometimes has that killer expression that makes you think she’s going to rip your head off…

▼ She’s just a curious, playful girl like any regular three-year-old dog.

▼ Next up is Blaze, the happy, goofy one of the group.
His unique black eyes contribute to his cute boy-next-door look.

▼ Who can resist such an adorable doggy wink?

▼ He’s always smiley, even when he had to wear a cone around his neck.

▼ And there’s Shiloh, the sweet princess in white.
(Both Blaze and Shiloh are two-years-old.)

▼ We were tempted to call her Snow White, but here she is being Sleeping Beauty.

▼ She loves staring at her own reflection in the water. A princess has to look pretty, right?

▼ Last but not least, the youngest of the pack, Phènix who just turned one not too long ago.

▼ He’s the only one of the four who gets along well with the bunnies in the house.

▼ He may be lacking in predator instinct, but he has an insatiable craving for playtime and gets sulky when it rains and they can’t go outside.

▼ Puppy quartet.

▼ Phènix, the youngest of the four, used to be the smallest…

▼ But now he’s the biggest of them all! And Akira, the eldest, happens to be the smallest.

▼ Christmas.

▼ Dressed to the nines for Blaze’s birthday bash.

▼ And this was the dress code for Phènix’s birthday party. Akira wasn’t impressed.

▼ Enough of dressing up. Time for a nap.

▼ Shiloh makes a nice pillow, it seems.

▼ They always sleep together.

If you haven’t had enough of the beautiful quartet, follow Husky_Quartet on Instagram, and tell them we said hi!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Instagram