Summer means watermelons–particularly in Japan, where beating watermelons with a stick is not only common, but actively encouraged. See, you knew there was a reason you loved Japan!

Of course, even if you’re not into beating up poor defenseless fruit, you might still enjoy the succulent taste of some chilly watermelon. If so, hopefully your melon won’t be a massive disappointment like this one!


The photo above, which appeared on Twitter earlier this week, was tweeted by @min18rff with the message:

“This picture was sent to me by a friend. They said, ‘I bought a watermelon, but I got the wrong one.'”

Yep, that’s some pretty awful luck right there! Japanese commenters were, of course, highly amused.

“Hahahahahaha! This is just too awful! Hahahahaha!”

“That looks more like a watermelon for pickling…”

“It’s watermelon camouflage!”

“Well, you can still eat it, right??”

“Maybe it was a Groupon gift.”

“You could make so many pickles out of the white part. Do it!!!”

“It looks like all the sweetness would be super concentrated.”

“It looks like a darts bullseye.”

Well, we suppose you could try throwing some baby carrots at it…

In case you’re wondering, suikawari, which can be literally translated as “watermelon breaking,” is the name of the “game” where participants are blindfolded, given a stick or bat, and let loose to try to crack open the giant green fruit. It’s kind of like a pinata, but the watermelon is usually just placed on the ground or in the sand, if you’re lucky enough to be at the beach. Also, there’s no candy…though sometimes you might have an explosive good time.

▼See below for an unusual demonstration of suikawari

Obviously, Japan loves watermelon, but not just for food: Some folks have turned watermelon carving into a regular artform! We’ll leave it to you to decide how this measures up to pumpkin carving.

▼”My mother made this out of a watermelon. Isn’t it amazing? LOL Please retweet!”

▼We’re not sure, but we think this one might have been inspired by Attack on Titan.

Finally, while this isn’t exactly “carving,” it turns out you can get your watermelon to grow into a variety of shapes. We’d probably ask you not to hit these with a stick though…

watermelon2Twitter (@Shimura_Sadao)

And now we are really craving some watermelon! Or even just some water…please, someone turn down the warming on this globe. It’s too damn hot!!

Source/images: Hamusoku