In case no one’s mentioned it yet, Tokyo is getting a bit warm this year. In fact, the other day my phone told me that despite what the thermometer said, the temperature felt like 44 Celsius–or 111.2 Fahrenheit. Even that seemed a bit low to me, but either way, I clearly should be living inside the refrigerator. And from the looks of things, there are a few cats who’d like to join us. Though I’m not so sure I want them in there with me, since they might just be…ghosts?!

We already know that many folks in Japan love to watch scary movies or visit haunted houses in summer since it gives them the chills–a unique way to cool off if I’ve ever heard one. But what about haunted Tweets?

The two photos below were tweeted by @chibineko2222 over the weekend with the message: “It’s hot. The ghost story at my place has become immense.” Wait, what??

▼Actually, looking at those eyes, we’re starting to get the picture…


▼Cat ghosts…even when incorporeal, they still manage to get underfoot.
(Click for giant size!)


A follow-up tweet by @chibineko2222 revealed the much more mundane reality of the kitties–they were victims of a nasty typo. It turns out that the Twitter user made a simple (but common) homonym mistake. As you all probably know by now, Japanese uses quite a few kanji words–and many of them have identical pronunciations. In this case, “stairs” (kaidan 階段) and “ghost story” (kaidan 怪談) have the same reading–though obviously not the same meaning. If you’ve ever typed in Japanese before, you know how easy it is to accidentally select the wrong kanji when entering a word!

But it’s nothing to be embarrassed about–we all make mistakes, right? I’m sure that I typo with the beast of them.


You may now be wondering why the heck this Twitter user has so many cats in the house! There’s actually another very good reason: @chibineko2222 rescued all of them! However, this Osaka resident isn’t a volunteer or associated with any organization–just an individual who rescues as many cats as possible. That’s some serious dedication if you ask me.

For example, here is one of @chibineko2222’s tweet from earlier this month looking for someone to adopt these adorable two-month-old kittens! We’re hoping that foster parents have already been found.

Japanese Internet users loved the photos, as you might have guessed.

“Is this heaven??”

“Are the stairs cool?”

“Maybe the ventilation is better?”

“Oh, it’s so scaaaary! ♪”

“I just want to throw a whole bunch of rubber balls down from the top of the stairs.”

“Just how many cats do you have?? That looks like paradise!”

Well, I always imagined paradise would be full of cute, fluffy creatures…though maybe not quite so hot.

If you live in the Kansai area and you have the room (and the means) to adopt cats, we’d encourage you to follow @chibineko2222. The Twitter user regular tweets and retweets about cats in need of foster homes in addition to tons of cute kitty photos. And, let’s be honest, you can never get enough pictures of cats, can you?

Sources: Twitter, Hamusoku
Images: Twitter