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What would it take for you to jump in to save the day? How bad must the odds be before you would try to put a stop to a decidedly lop-sided fight? If someone is on the ground not fighting back, isn’t it pretty clear someone should be helping?

In this video, a Chinese man shows that he’s not going to take it and leaps into action – and we mean leaps – to help a girl being beaten by a mob of five women.

As you might expect, this video is NSFW and contains scenes of violence.

A curious scene plays out in the following video. In an unnamed Chinese restaurant, five girls are physically assaulting a girl on the ground who clearly can’t get away.

▼Spinning dragon shove!

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It’s not until about 28 seconds into the video that a hero is spurred into action to stop the attack. He shoves and spins and punches and kicks, fending off all five of the attackers.

He certainly doesn’t hold back, though. Although some might think it only fair that he shows the girls the same level of aggression that they dealt out, we can’t help thinking that the matter perhaps could have been solved with slightly fewer fists thrown…

It’s not until the man is clearly winning the fight and bystanders can see that he is overwhelming the crowd of aggressors, does anyone decide to step in and end this fight. It takes three observers to wrestle the clearly furious hero away from the fight and out of the restaurant.

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Would you have intervened? In situations like this, where one side clearly has no chance of fighting back, it seems like a no-brainer. But countless diners at the restaurant were content to sit back and watch their “entertainment” unfold. Let’s not forget that this isn’t some security footage either; this video is clearly from someone’s phone. This person saw five girls beating up another and clearly thought: “Should I help? Nah, I’ll just record it on my phone! Bitches be crazy!!!”

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While violence against anyone, male or female, is certainly not something to boast about, I think we can at least agree that it was a good thing someone stepped in and did something. Maybe next time he could try a less violent approach, though…

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Beat em 10

▼Maybe the other bystanders were weighed down by too much beer

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Since this is just a video uploaded to the internet, there isn’t a lot of information surrounding the incident, but Japanese net users have weighed in on what they see.

“The guy who came to stop the fight, isn’t he great?”

“I’ve seen those moves in a kung fu movie!”

“The women immediately start using weapons.”

“So in the end, who won?”

“In this kind of situation, the person taking the video is the greatest offender.”

For those of you who are wondering what happened to the original victim, she appears to still be at the mercy of one of the attackers.

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The video cuts off there though. Hopefully, there are enough people involved now, where things won’t get out of hand again.

Source: My Game News Flash
Screenshots via Live Leak