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Certain animal parts, like the ever-venerated cat paw, seem to have a special place in our hearts. (Well, you can’t really blame us for finding cat paws, or even cat nuts, for that matter, irresistibly cute, can you?) Animal buttocks also seem to be a favorite around the world, based on their popularity on the web. Japan is no exception, and we have our fair share of animal tooshie lovers — even a following of hamster butt fans on Facebook. So it’s not really surprising that the Japanese online public has recently been swooning over a series of pictures featuring … dog butts! But darn it, nobody warned us canine bums were so lethally cute!

These dog butt pictures, originally shown on media and viral web content site Distracitfy, were quickly picked up by the Japanese Internet. And yes, the images certainly did “distract” us, by making us squirm with delight!

▼This fella shows us not only his cute posterior but his lovely pink paws as well.

butt 1Imgur

▼Oh my, look at that darling little heart mark on your butt!

butt 2dailypicksandflicks.com

▼It feels good to just let all that tension drain from your body, doesn’t it?

butt 3Instagram: @jmarcoz

▼A great shot that perfectly shows both the face and the behind — not so easily done with humans.

butt 4 piximus.net

▼Corgi butts have got to be the best!

butt 5thebarkpost.com

▼Quick, hide under the bed! Err … on second thought, that cute bottom is kind of hard to miss.

butt 23The Daily Corgi

▼And here’s one more corgi behind, because you know we just can’t get enough of them.

butt 11Imgur

▼A picture-perfect butt trio!

butt 6theilovedogssite.com

▼This butt is putting up one heck of an adorable struggle!


▼Now, don’t look grumpy when you have such a cute bum — you know we’d all love to look as good from behind!

butt 8 Pinterest

▼It’s great to be able to look care-free while you’re having your naked derriere photographed, isn’t it?

butt 9 thebarkpost.com

▼Heavens, just looking at this gives us a full-on cute attack — you know, when you can’t think or say anything because something is too cute?

butt 10Imgur

▼Chow chow puppy butts — okay, actual living creatures can’t get much cuter and fluffier than this.

butt 12 cutedogpix.com

▼Look who’s hiding? This actually reminds us of the Japanese saying “hiding your head and not your bottom” (atama kakushite shiri kakusazu).

butt 13Imgur

▼Here’s some butt action in the snow!

butt 14Tumblr

▼This looks like the “I’m too tired to do anything” butt. Now, it really isn’t fair how this guy makes it look adorable, because if any of us were to do this, we would just look lazy, wouldn’t we?

butt 15thebarkpost.com

▼It’s time to glam up some butt!

butt 16 humorhound.com

▼Looks like someone is too busy chowing down to care about their bootie being photographed.

butt 17Imgur

▼Simply Gorgeous! It’s too bad the hairy, wrinkly look doesn’t suit humans as well.

butt 18Instagram: @jmarcoz

▼Aaargh …. TOO CUTE!! Just look at the fluffy fur and little tail! If the devil looked like this, my soul would be in mortal danger.

butt 19imgfave.com

▼This fella seems to be wearing a confident look of “Do you like what you see?”

butt 20Instagram: @jmarcoz

▼Hmm … we can only imagine what this fella is so desperately looking for.

butt 21Tumblr

▼Yup, sleeping angels come in all sizes and species.

butt 22The Fluffington Post

▼Even a small butt can accomplish great things.

butt 24 Imgur

Naturally, there have been numerous comments in response by enthusiastic Japanese Internet users extolling the aesthetic virtues of dog butts, including the following:

“I can’t stop smiling at these pictures!”
“Yes, I can see why a dog butt picture book wouldn’t be a crazy idea at all.”
“Thank you. I can now fantasize about burying my face in all these cute dog butts!”
“I don’t care if I’m called a pervert (hentai), these butts are CUTE!!”
“Okay, I’m glad to see I’m not the only hentai getting excited over these pictures.”

So, as you can tell from the comments above, we definitely love our animal butts here in Japan (so much so that we even have photo contests dedicated to them). Well, contest or not, we enjoy seeing adorable animal pictures any time, so we’re certainly glad for this compilation of beautiful dog backsides. We hope the images made your day just that much happier, because they certainly did ours!

Source: Distractify via Hamster Sokuho (Japanese)