It’s summer which means it’s the season for peaches! These sweet and juicy fruits are believed to have originated in China and thrive there to this day, with the Asian nation producing over half of the world’s supply. But inside the People’s Republic, this level of familiarity has locals disinterested, inspiring growers to look for ways to spice things up between consumers and peaches. And so, to reignite people’s passion for the fuzzy fruits, they slipped on pairs of sheer panties.

Yes, this season get your peaches in a satin-lined box, with each fruit presenting itself in a rainbow selection of cuts and fabrics.

Surprisingly, online reaction hasn’t been overwhelmingly positive. It would seem some people are put off by clearly suggestive imagery of the cleft fruit peaking through their undergarments.

Perhaps people’s appetites were killed off by the occasional poor positioning of the peaches, which reveals the gaping, cavernous hole of their central column underneath the panties.

But for those undeterred by the presentation, a nine-pack of pantied-peaches reportedly sell for around US$80 in Nanjing City. It’s uncertain if they’re also available in fur-free nectarines for folks who are turned on by that kind of thing.

Source: Ifeng (Chinese) via Toychan (Japanese)