Flying, as magical as it is, is not without its inconveniences. Standing in line at security, listening to someone’s baby cry for ten hours, and fighting to get the airline to give you back your luggage are some of the less rewarding aspects of getting flung through the air at over 500 miles per hour. But perhaps the worst part about flying is being crammed together with a bunch of strangers while crappy movies play on a tiny screen at just the wrong angle.

But at least you’re not squished between a couple dozen sumo wrestlers!


How would you like trying to find a seat on this flight? Now, we’re sure that most sumo wrestlers are incredibly kind gentlemen who love puppy dogs, long walks on the beach, and cotton candy, but you have to admit that this is incredibly intimidating. These guys don’t look too happy about being squished together on this flight…we can’t say we blame them.

But just what the heck are all these not-at-all-tiny men doing crammed together? They’re going to a training camp!

▼”We’ve arrived at Itami Airport! Time to get our tickets.”

We’re not sure exactly what it is, but there’s something hilarious about watching a group of giants waiting around to get their tickets like elementary school kids waiting for their teacher to hand out candy.

It turns out these sumo wrestlers all belong to the same stable, Hakkaku, headquartered in the historic sumo neighborhood of Ryogoku in Tokyo. In case you haven’t heard of Hakkaku before, it’s a relatively new stable that was created in 1993–but has already produced four wrestlers in the top division. Right now, the stable claims 29 wrestlers–and they’re all traveling together!

▼They also apparently really like french fries!

Flying to Okinoshima in Shimane Prefecture, these behemoths and their trainers are apparently headed out to the rural island to get in a few good workouts. We suppose it’s a great way to keep your head in the game over the sweltering summer months.

▼Here’s the airplane they took to Shimane Prefecture. Doesn’t look any worse for wear!

▼”Welcome ceremony at Oki Airport.
Many of the locals kindly showed up to give us a big welcome!”

And if you thought that picture from inside the airplane was cramped, wait until you see what it looks like when you put 29 sumo wrestlers on one bus.

▼”On the bus to the party venue. I know it looks like we’re getting smothered, but don’t say anything! LOL Actually, the air conditioner is on, and it’s only a short drive, so we’re fine.”

Japanese Internet users were highly amused by the photos of the giant men in a tiny plane.

“Are they within the weight limit??”

“It really looks like it’s going to fall out of the sky…”

“Wouldn’t the shinkansen have been better?!”

“This is so sexy.”

“Not a single one of them is smiling!”

“What happened to the aisle??”

“I bet it would be a pain to go to the bathroom.”

“This looks so fun!”

Errr…well, I guess everyone has a different sense of “fun.”

As upset as everyone looks in the first photo, they seem to be having a good time in the rest, though we’re sure their trainers will wipe those smiles off their faces as soon as it’s time to get to work. We just hope they remember to drink enough water. Heat exhaustion is something we all need to be careful of this summer!

Sources: Twitter, Kinisoku
Image: Kinisoku