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Twitter user @amatou320 posted a photo online of a rather, ah, innovative scarecrow on a Japanese farm. If you ask us, it’s far more terrifying than your standard straw-stuffed shirt and it probably elicits some tears from passing children too, but we’re not sure if it will really work on crows…

Here’s the complete photo.


Creepy, right? Commenters on messageboard Hamusoku thought so too.

They… they are coming.

Was he some kind of sacrifice?

Repent of your sins!

Was the murderer Big Bird? Cookie Monster?

We’ll have to wait for a follow-up post to find out who is responsible for the Elmo lynching or whether he is as successful at scaring away crows as children, but in the meantime, here’s a video to remind you that perhaps we are better off without that creepy little gigglebox.

Source: Hamusoku
Images: @amatou320, shockingvideoz