There are some pairings that are so right we couldn’t imagine the world without them. Fish and chips; Simon and Garfunkel; S&M — these combinations and more are here to stay, and it would feel wrong to have one without the other.

But when you cross something as cute as Pikachu with adorable Dutch rabbit Miffy, you’re just asking for trouble.

Photographed at a what appears to be a clay model-painting contest here in Japan, this yellow-and-black Miffy bears an uncanny resemblance to adorable Nintendo hero Pikachu, instantly making it one of the cutest things we have ever seen.


Twitter user Komadori shared the above photo earlier this week, whereupon it was quickly favourited and retweeted hundreds of times.

Net users were quick to suggest that such a shameless Pikachu rip off wouldn’t fly in the content (though it clearly did – this won second place if the photo is to be believed) or that it resembled a Chinese knock-off. Quite frankly, though, we think they’re missing an entirely more serious issue — think of the damage a thing this cute could do to human minds if there were ever an official collaboration between Miffy and Nintendo’s electric rodent and the models became commonplace. As far as we’re concerned, this thing is simply too cute for its own good and must be destroyed.

We’re sorry, Miffychu, but it’s for the good of humankind. Someone get me a hammer.

Source: Twitter via Hamster Sokuhou