Good morning RocketNews24 readers! It’s time for another Monday Kickstart featuring an adorably fluffy kitty named Foo, who understands not wanting to get up in the mornings, or at any time really.

This fluffy furball is called Foo-chan, and he has over 50,000 followers on Twitter. His owner states that he was originally a stray so they’re not sure of his exact breed, but he’s probably a chinchilla golden persian. The Twitter feed is updated daily with photos of the fluffy beast whose squashed face gives him a permanently disgruntled, but undeniably adorable, look.

We thought these pics were just too cute not to share, and probably embody most people’s feelings when they get to work first thing on a Monday morning. Check out his official Twitter for more regular top-ups to get you through the day.

Good morning Foo-chan!
Foo: Mnnf.


Time to get moving, Foo-chan!
Foo: Nngh.


Come on Foo-chan, let’s get motivated for Monday!

…or not.


Have a great week, everyone. Remember: just five days to go until the weekend!

Source: HamuSoku
Images: Twitter