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It should come as no surprise to learn that the fighting game series that spawned a bikini-packed beach volleyball spin-off and whose developers included the option to change how much female fighters’ breasts jiggle likes to get sexy. Dead or Alive has always been about scantily clad females, enormous boobs and gratuitous close-ups and poses; it’s not especially tasteful, but to each their own.

But the latest round of downloadable costumes for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, called the “Bath and Bedtime” series, seems to be confusing “sexy” with “creepy”, as it pits female martial artists against each other while wearing naught but their jammies and bath towels.

On sale now for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 title, this costume pack includes outfits ranging from cutesy heart-spotted pyjamas and lacy nighties to half-buttoned men’s shirts and bath towels. Ideal clothing for kung-fu battles if ever we saw it!

The outfits, some of which you can check out below, are one sale for $1.99 each, or $14.99 for the full set of 10. Oh, and if you were wondering why we haven’t included the male fighters’ Bath and Bedtime outfits here, it’s because there aren’t any. Because as we all know, men near bathe nor sleep…

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Let’s not beat around the bush here. There are plenty of people who take the Dead or Alive series completely seriously. The games are surprisingly complex, well made, and are actually quite good fun to play. But the series makes no bones about the fact that it also exists to titillate. That is of course totally fine, and when we’re used to seeing female characters in skin-tight leather, corsets and thigh-high boots, some may wonder why anyone would kick up a fuss about a few girls in their PJs or wrapped in towels. But there’s something strangely unsettling about seeing a young female character dressed in PJs that wouldn’t look odd on a 12-year-old wrestling a nightie-wearing lolita-style girl with pigtails. That just doesn’t strike me as the same kind of “sexy” Dead or Alive has been about until now…

Here’s the DLC’s launch trailer in full. Let us know what you think about these outfits in the comments section below.

Source: Team Ninja Studio h/t Eurogamer
Images via Team Ninja Studio