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In a lot of ways, hit anime Love Live seems to be been created with laser precision to strike right at the weak points of Japanese otaku. It’s got a cast filled with high school girls in frilly idol singer outfits who all have their own unique hairstyles and quirks, but are without exception earnest, pure, and devoted to their fans above all else.

So it’s no big surprise that we’ve no seen not only Love Live smartphone cases and shoes go on sale in Japan, but also big-ticket items like sports cars inspired by the franchise. The series isn’t just popular in Japan, though, as the bevy of idols are seeing their popularity rise in China as well, as a Shanghai subway decorated with the show’s characters recently brought fans to their knees in reverence.

China’s biggest game industry trade show, China Joy, was recently held in Shanghai, lasting from July 31 to August 2. But while the show has wrapped up, the subway train wrapped in Love Live decorations will be running until August 20.

As part of a promotional campaign for the new Love Live smartphone game, the anime’s cast started showing up in the city’s mass transit system on July 26. Being consummate idols, the Love Live girls greet the public with warm and polite smiles, and while they have only a limited effect on less-enthusiastic or non-fans, the truly hardcore seemed to find themselves unworthy to gaze directly at their 2-D goddesses.

▼ We’re not trained psychics, but we’re pretty sure we can read the thoughts of the dude in the sunglasses on the left, which are, “What the hell are you guys doing?”

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So strong is some of the fans’ commitment to their anime beloved that they’re willing to avert their eyes out of respect even when there are real-life girls in the immediate vicinity.

▼ For this man, an anime top hat beats actual short shorts.

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Of course you wouldn’t be in a subway station if you didn’t have somewhere you needed to be. This fan apparently took enough of a break from prostrating himself to get onto the train. Once aboard, though, he ran into another problem, as the interior had Love Live decorations too. So of course, he did the only logical thing, and got down on his hands and knees inside the train.

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We’re hoping he either had a short ride or a pair of kneepads inside that bag, because the floor looks awfully hard.

Sources: Jin, Narinari
Images: Weibo via Jin