If you’ve been on the internet this week, you’ve probably seen this smiling face already. This shiba inu, cleverly named Shiba, manser, dogs?the counter at a little cigarette shop in the Musashi-Koganei neighborhood of Tokyo. Last week a video of Shiba at work went viral and now hordes of net surfers around the world are so charmed by the pooch’s customer service, they’re considering taking up smoking.

Since we know our readers love teh cute, we’ve got all the info about this clever spokesdog and photos for your enjoyment.

For those of you who may not have seen one before, this older type of shop is usually built into a regular house, with a display window that opens to serve customers. Largely replaced these days by the ubiquitous convenience stores, they can still be found here and there in quieter neighborhoods.

This particular shop, thanks to Shiba’s tireless promoting efforts, seems to be doing brisk business these days.

▼Well, almost tireless, anyway.


Shiba spends a lot of time snoozing in the window, but as soon as a customer approaches, he jumps up and slides the window open to say hello, tail wagging and tongue flapping.



According to his owner and boss, the only thing Shiba loves more than his job is a nice cucumber. It certainly makes for a refreshing treat after a hard day’s work!

▼ Ah, that’s the stuff.


The five-year-old dog apparently picked up the habit of greeting customers on his own, without being trained to do so, proving he is not just cute and clever, but also has a nose for business.

▼ Wow. Much working. So service.


Here is the video that shot Shiba to fame, from YouTuber kawanayu:

And here is Shiba being featured on NHK:

If you would like to pay a visit, or bring Shiba one of his beloved cucumbers, you can stop by Suzuki Tobacco at the location below.

Just tell Shiba we said hi.

Source: Yukawanet
Photos: tt.mop.com