Who‘s got to go to work, you ask? Not us!, is what these two adorable owlets seem to be saying as they lazily bob back and forth in this YouTube video. These fuzzy little guys have even been popping up on Japanese websites, so we thought we’d spread the kawaiiness some more. No matter how dreary your Monday may be, keep calm and ‘jam’ with these owls!

This short clip of the swaying birds was posted in May by YouTuber Tessa Kangasperko. The video’s description is written in Finnish, which is one language that, sadly, no one from our crew has mastered yet. But there’s always room for hope!

Our site takes no responsibility if you become addicted to the fluff. Also, don’t be alarmed if you find yourself bobbing back and forth with the mini rock stars:

▼Two irresistible piles of feathers with beaks. They appear to be asleep…


▼…but when the girl steps to the side, they follow the movement of the camera this way…


▼…and that way, while still looking drowsy!


▼There, he finally opened his eyes! Happy Monday, everyone.


If you’re in Japan at the moment, you can satiate your craving for another owl fix at the Owl Cafe in Tokyo.

While we’re on the subject, check out this photo of a juvenile barred owl taken in this writer’s yard a few weeks ago. It’s too bad–if he didn’t fly off so soon to go catch mice or something, I would’ve offered him a ride!


Images: YouTube – Tessa Kangasperko, RocketNews24