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In the past, we’ve seen budding artists draw inspiration from some pretty unusual sources as they look to create cute anime-style girls. But with a bevy of big-eyed beauties already representing things such as video game hardware, PC operating systems, nations competing in the World Cup, and even history’s most notorious dictators, eventually the muse well was going to run dry.

Perhaps that’s why someone decided to use his artistic talents to produce a female version of Goku, Dragon Ball’s muscle-bound protagonist.

The Dragon Ball manga ran for over a decade, which allowed creator Akira Toriyama to craft some incredibly long-term story arcs for his characters. Along the way, fans got to see Goku grow from a boy into a man, get married, and even father two sons.

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There’s a pretty strong resemblance between Goku and his male offspring (all of whom appear above dressed in the trademark blue and orange of Dragon Ball’s first family). But while that gives us a pretty clear idea of how Goku would look as a young boy or teen, one fan wondered, what if Goku was a girl?

He’d probably look something like this.

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Japanese Internet users quickly began wondering what other Dragon Ball characters would look like if they were given the same treatment.

“I can’t get the thought of her marrying Krillin out of my head.”
“But of course Krillin would be a girl, too.”
“A bald girl Krillin? Think I’ll pass.”
“And what about Vegeta?”
“He’d be a tsundere with a hot and cold personality, I think.”
“Yamcha would totally be cute as a girl!”

Despite these ardent wishes, the first thing that comes to our mind after seeing Go-quette isn’t for more gender-flipped versions of Toriyama’s characters. Instead, it’s got us thinking of a crossover where they meet up with the cast of Rumiko Takahashi’s Ranma 1/2,since not only was it the other huge martial arts anime hit of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s, its main male character was cursed to turn into a girl whenever he was doused with cold water.

▼ We would totally watch this.

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