Weddings are one of the biggest events in one’s life, and many would stop at nothing less than perfection for their once-in-a-lifetime (supposedly) wedding photo shoot. Couples spend thousands of dollars on their pre-wedding photo shoots, some even cross oceans to get the perfect backdrop for their memorable shot. But not every couple has the financial ability to drop a bomb on overseas wedding photos taken in France, Hawaii or the Great Wall of China. Want something unique, inexpensive yet meaningful for your wedding photos? Look no further, workplace wedding photos might be a blooming trend.

Lately, wedding photos of civil servants taken at their workplace in their uniforms have been the talk of town among Chinese netizens. Check out these grooms in their smart uniforms and their beautiful brides!

Preparing for a wedding takes a whole lot of time. While most people can take time off work, life-saving heroes who work in hospitals and civil defense departments have a harder time putting their jobs aside as they are often required to be on standby, and will have to report to work at any time an emergency occurs. In order to fulfil their duties both as a professional and a husband-to-be, these men chose to have their wedding photos taken at their workplaces.

29-year-old Weilin Hou works on the special police force in Chongqing. His job requires him to be on 24-hour standby most of the time, as such, he can’t have a regular photo shoot like most to-be-wed couples. Instead, he invited his wife-to-be to his workplace and they had this photo shoot on the training grounds of the special police force department!








Over in Ningbo, Haoran Xu, a firefighter took this set of heart-warming photos with his lovely bride and his team.

Xu met his wife, Lin Chen, when he was a trainee at the Kunming Command School of Public Security and Fire Fighting Army. Although they lived far apart, they managed to keep their long-distance relationship alive for three years, and eventually tied the knot. Xu once promised his wife that they would have their wedding photos taken when he “had the time”. But being on the firefighting team didn’t give him the privilege of time as he had to work on shifts and be on standby for any emergencies. Chen had been very understanding, knowing full well that Xu was really busy with work, even though a year soon passed before Xu even “had the time”.

When Xu’s teammates found out about his promise to Chen, they came up with the idea of having the photo shoot within their barracks, to which Chen gladly agreed at once.










There’s a saying that men look their best when they’re hard at work, and uniforms just complete the look! Although these workplace wedding shoots may not look as romantic as those with dreamy sunsets or white sandy beaches, I personally find it romantic in a unique way as it shows the love and support these women have for their heroes!

That being said, these guys were supposedly on 24-hour standby, and had there been any emergency during that time, they would have had to leave their wives in their bridal gowns at the station and immediately rush off to save the day. Seems like the heavens were kind enough to grant them an uneventful day for their wedding photo shoots!

Source/images: Weibo, Tencent News