Every time we make a post about guys crossdressing as girls, there are bound to be the people who take things in a positive light and appreciate their crossdressing efforts, the seasoned net surfers who lament that they’ve seen enough of guys looking like girls, and those who are inclined to delve deeper and think that we’re either encouraging such crossdressing behavior or discriminating these crossdressers.

Well, the Internet is an open platform for people to freely express themselves after all, be it in the form of comments, photographs, or even videos. You know you can always count on us to bring you the oddest stuff from the weird corners of the Internet. So get your pinch of salt and get ready to shoot us your wildest comments, because apparently there are guys out there who enjoy dancing in colorful tutus to their favorite anime idols’ songs!

We’ve seen how the pop idol themed anime, Love Live, has conquered the hearts of fans all over the world. Cute girls in short skirts dancing and singing to catchy songs… not to mention that they’re 2D, we can totally see why anime otakus of the world are smitten with the series. As we’ve previously shared, the hit series has sent fans to their knees at the sight of a Love Live wrapped train, and inspired the even more hardcore followers to permanently ink themselves with Love Live characters.

This group of happy chubby guys who call themselves Debu Raibu (a pun on the Japanese pronounciation of Love Live, Rabu Raibu. “Debu” means fatso in Japanese) however, show their love for the series by putting on some rainbow-colored tutus and dancing to their tune! The video is slightly over a year old, but it doesn’t change how infectious Debu Raibu’s cheerful spirits are!



Bokura wa Ima no Naka de

▼ If you’re not familiar with Love Live, here’s the comparison to the original animation.

We know how severe the Japanese are towards chubbies, and it was totally awesome to see these guys looking confident in their bizarre costumes and having a whole lot of fun with the dance. We couldn’t hold in our laughter (in a good way!) as we watched the cheerful performance! We hope their happiness and positive energy has rubbed off on you and perked up your day like it did to ours!

▼ Thanks for watching!

Source/Images: Niconico