Some people have the worst luck. Like this guy who was just innocently walking down the street when a knife suddenly fell from above and lodged itself right in his skull.

Warning: This post contains images depicting injury and blood.

57-year-old Xiao Yunzhi was wandering along minding his own business when all of a sudden a knife with a 13-centimetre (5.11 inch) blade came falling from above. In a terrible twist of fate, the knife landed blade-first directly on the crown of the Guangyuan City man’s head, piercing his skull and lodging itself firmly in there.

What’s even more shocking, though, is that he didn’t even realize that something had happened until someone pointed it out to him. While the knife was buried deep in his head, Yunzhi claimed that he simply had the feeling that his head was “growing slightly heavy”.

The first person in the area to notice the horrific sight was the owner of a tobacco store who, as you might imagine, was quite taken aback by the sight. Curious onlookers quickly began gathering around Yunzhi, who only then started to become aware of the fact that he had a large knife sticking out of his head and started feeling a sharp pain running through his entire body.

A witness called an ambulance and Yunzhi was taken to a nearby hospital where he underwent surgery to remove the knife. His condition is currently stable, but he is still receiving treatment in the intensive care unit so is not out of the woods yet.


This knife didn’t just materialize out of thin air, of course. Reportedly, it fell from an upper floor of an apartment building Yunzhi was passing, and belonged to a man named Wu who had been indulging in a spot of gardening out on his balcony. Wu had apparently left the knife out there on top of a flowerpot, never imagining that something like this would happen, when it fell. Police believe that the knife may have been blown off by a sudden gust of wind.

We wish Yunzhi a full and speedy recovery, and encourage all our readers to beware of falling knives. Heck, maybe just don’t even leave your house anymore. You never know what might happen out there!

Source: NyaaSoku
Images: Weibo