Prospective buyers of Japanese Uniqlo were in for a shock one morning as they skimmed through the casual wear retailer’s flier. If the prospect of miniskirts on sale for the shockingly reasonable price of 990 yen (US$10) weren’t enough, there seemed to be something not quite right about the model they hired.

It would appear that the young girl in the inset photo has only one leg. Of course there’s nothing wrong with having only one leg aside from the obvious physical challenges it presents, but the way she’s standing seems to defy the laws of physics as they’re written in some states.

Netizens had fun with the images as well, here are some comments:

“What’s going on there?”
“Don’t all [Uniqlo] employees look like that?”

Someone mentioned that the girl bore a striking similarity to a kasa-obake, a traditional Japanese monster (yokai) in the shape of an umbrella usually with only one leg. The Uniqlo miniskirt certainly helps that image. Here is a kasa-obake as depicted in the traditional Japanese art form of Yo-kai Watch Medals.

Normally, I’d just assume the girl’s left leg is positioned behind her right as she is stepping forward and the foot is obscured by the big zero in the price. However, it also seems conceivable that someone working on the flier was having fun with Photoshop given this is the season for ghosts and ghouls in Japan.

If it is intentional trickery by Uniqlo then hats off to them for getting into the seasonal spirit. If not then I’ll keep my hat on but tip it ever so slightly for giving people something to talk about with their unfortunate juxtaposition.

Source: Golden Times (Japanese)
Yokai-Watch Medals: Amazon 1, 2