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In the world of advertising and marketing, there is one simple truth: sex sells. And from using car-promoting models to suggestive advertisement placement, woman are usually the ones exploited for the attention of men and their wallets. But one Chinese fast-food stall owner, apparently recognizing the buying power of his female customers, decided instead to hire a super-buff male model to take off his shirt and flip burgers to entice the hungry crowds to the booth. Click below to see pictures of this beefy hamburger salesman and to find out how the astute hiring decision affected the business!

To boost sales at the night market in Shenyang in northeastern China, fast-food stall owner Wang Meng hired a male model. The model, known as John, is studying in China and makes up for his lack of Chinese language skills with a pretty impressive physique. Not asking about the model’s cooking experience, Meng’s main requirements for a hamburger flipper seemed to be someone who was comfortable cooking topless and John seems to be doing a good job at that.

▼ While it’s not clear how the Shenyang health department feels about topless cooking, the agency should appreciate John’s efforts to at least wear a clear face mask

2014.08.16 chinese burgers 3Image: IC Press

Local media have reported that Meng’s hamburger business is booming, thanks to a huge increase in female clientele. He said that about 90 percent of his customers are women and they “spend plenty of time at the counter deciding what it is they want to order.”

▼ Hamburger fans or connoisseurs of a hot piece of man meat: you decide

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Of course, not everyone is happy about the new burger flipper. Nearby food stalls have complained that Meng’s new business venture is “distasteful.” They eventually relented when it was explained that John was just trying to keep cool while cooking next to the hot grill all night.

▼ John directs competitors to the complaint department

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Since the hamburger stand’s new choice of cook seems to be working quite well, there’s a chance other food stalls might try to cash in on the “hot chef.” This night market in Shenyang might just become ground zero for this new culinary movement before the buzzkills at the health department make John put on a shirt.

Feature Image: IC Press
Source: Oddity Central