On Monday, we brought you a rather disturbing photo of a group of photographers taking photos up a Shimakaze cosplayer’s skirt at this summer’s Comiket. Both Japanese and English online opinion about the scene seems to be pretty evenly divided between one group that says “What’s the big deal if she doesn’t have a problem with it…and she’s probably making a few bucks, too,” and the other “That is just wrong and shouldn’t be allowed” group.

Regardless of how you feel about it, the original photo has now become fairly famous after being retweeted thousands of times over Japanese forums. One person even took it upon himself to recreate the photo using nothing but Legos…and it’s actually quite impressive!

To refresh your memory, here’s the original tweet that sparked a huge online response:


“The cosplay area was incredible…”

And here’s @LEGOdouMoko‘s newer tweet of the picture recreated with Legos:

“I recreated the group of photographers at Comiket with Legos.”

The creator’s attention to detail for the Lego-version of the Shimakaze cosplayer is nothing short of incredible, right down to her bunny ear-like headband, blue miniskirt, and striped red-and-white stockings. The addition of other Comiket cosplayers in the background is also a nice touch. However, the smiling faces on the Lego photographers leave us with an even worse aftertaste than the ones in real life…especially that dude lying down in the foreground.

Here are some Japanese forum user comments on the recreated Lego scene:

“It’s a perfect match!”

“The country of perverts: JAPAN.”

“This is not a laughing matter. But I laughed.”

“I think this is a violation of public order and morals…”

“There’s no crime for Legos.”

“You should sell these at the next Comiket.”

“You’ve even perfectly captured the malevolent faces of the cameramen!”

“Amazing. This might be the most pointless Lego work in the world.”

It turns out that this creative Lego artist is serious about his stuff–he even keeps a blog where he shares photos of his amazing creations. Take a look at some of them below:


We can’t wait to see where he’ll take his next inspiration from!

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Hamusoku, Twitter (@LEGOdouMoko), Livedoor (LEGO way)