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Even though it’s been a week since we made the trip to downtown Yokohama to see the packs of roaming Pikachus, and we’ve still got a warm fuzzy feeling. Actually, warm and fuzzy is also an apt description of the lovable pocket monsters’ plush yellow coats, which brings up a concern.

Cuddly softness is all fine and good when Pikachu is handing out hugs, but what about when he goes back to his regular duties of fighting other Pokémon? Shouldn’t he be wrapped in something a bit more durable, like his own custom set of samurai armor?

Crafted by Deviant Art user Andihandro, the suit is an impressively thorough display of craftsmanship. The helmet completely covers the back of the neck, helping to prevent decapitations by enemy samurai/bloodthirsty Pokémon trainers.

▼ The tail is also a nice touch, and won’t get in the way of the wearer’s footwork since it points upward.

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As crazy as the helmet may look, it actually has a bit of historical precedent. As we talked about before, particularly ostentatious samurai dressed up their headgear with antlers and stylized animal ears,

▼ Or sometimes a whole stylized animal

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Vibrant color aside, the Pikachu helmet actually seems sort of understated and practical.

▼ Plus cute, of course

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We are a little concerned about the chest area, though. While we’re digging the spiffy Poké Ball insignia, the breastplate is pretty clearly made out of an upturned trash bucket.

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For going up against an army of spearmen or katana-wielders, we’d prefer something made of steel, or at least iron. Then again, if we ran into a brigade of Pikachus, the metal would just conduct the electricity of their thunder-based attacks and kill us all the quicker, so maybe this is as good as Pokémon armor gets.

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