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The relatively low fixed costs of creating manga mean that you only need to find a small niche of loyal fans to make a series viable. In the past, we’ve seen such oddities as monocular schoolgirls and gradual sister-on-brother cannibalism, but a series of comic layout pages seems to be proposing an even stranger genre: menstruating males.

From here on out, the images are going to get pretty explicit, so you might not want to be reading this while you’re at work.

▼ Unless you’re employed by a tampon manufacturer, and even then, it’s sort of an iffy situation.

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The manga pages, which have appeared on both Japanese and Chinese websites, are depicted as being part of a series entitled Seiri Danshi Anthology, or Period Boy Anthology. And no, that doesn’t mean the story is a period piece/historical drama, but rather that once a month the male lead menstruates.

▼ Chapter 1: My Period Life Starts Today

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But wait a second, boys don’t have vaginas! Where would Chihiro, the teenage male protagonist, even menstruate from?

▼ Touché, Seiri Danshi Anthology. Horrible, mentally-scarring touché.

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As the chapter opens, Chihiro, who’d been feeling fine until yesterday, awakens to find, in his own words, “A sea of blood spreading out before me.”

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At first, the 17-year-old thinks it might be hemorrhoids, or that he’s wet the bed and there’s blood mixed in with his urine, making this perhaps the only time hoping with all of your being that the character has one of those two ailments is the less creepy desire.

Before Chihiro has time to complete his self-diagnosis, though, a woman bursts in saying she’s doing laundry and need his sheets and pajamas. Given the fact that he refers to her as “middle-aged” we’re guessing she’s not his sister. At the same time, we’re also not exactly sure she’s supposed to be his mom, because he’s worried that if she finds out about his condition, she’ll blab about it to people in the neighborhood, which doesn’t exactly sound like a typical manifestation of the mothering instinct. Ditto for her teasingly amused reaction when she takes his reluctance to hand over his soiled bedclothes and underwear as a sign that he’s been overcome by adolescent lust and doing the wash by hand, so to speak.

▼ Again, we’re more than a little surprised that masturbation would actually be the more tasteful context for this scene.

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The preview ends with the line, “This was the start of the boy’s secret menstruating life.” For most people, even the short teaser supplies far more scenes of a teenage boy bleeding from his wang than they ever wanted, but some manga fans with unusual tastes hunger for more, and took to the Internet to share their enthusiasm. “I can’t take the waiting. Please, draw more Seiri Danshi!” pleaded one. “Guys with periods would be so cute,” gushed another.

So, when can interested parties get their hands on the print edition? Well, there’s an image of what looks to be the cover, complete with a release date….

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…of April 1, 2014. Since four months later Seiri Danshi Anthology doesn’t appear to be available for purchase anywhere online, we’re going to take its purported street date as a telling sign that this was all just a very detailed, very disturbing April Fool’s joke.

Still, what little Seiri Danshi Anthology manga that exists has built up some pretty high expectations for certain individuals, who even as they lament the hoax haven’t given up hope, who have taken to Twitter with messages such as “I don’t care if it’s a novel or a manga, I want more Seiri Danshi and “I want them to show Chihiro taking a pregnancy test.”

Meanwhile, those with more mundane tastes in 2-D titillation or manga in general will be happy to know that, for now at least, Seiri Danshi Anthology is just too bad to be true.

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