Have you seen Nisha the Lawbringer? She’s tall and lean and rocks an awesome pair of skinny jeans. Only problem is, she lives in an alternate reality called Borderlands and spends most of her days fighting on the moon.

Your chances of meeting the animated babe just got exponentially better, as one dedicated cosplayer has revealed a technique to replicate the character’s trademark jeans. That’s right – the jeans above might look illustrated, but they’re absolutely real. Take a look at how they’re made after the jump.


The mastermind behind the anime-style jeans is a German cosplayer known as Kirameku. She purchased a pair of plain denim jeans for about 15 Euros (US$19.93) and used water-based textile paints to draw on the preliminary lines and creases.


Then she added highlights and shading to give the appearance of texture and depth. It might look simple, but the design took hours to perfect.

Despite pleas from admirers of her work to start producing the jeans for sale, Kirameku is holding off for now. If the overwhelming response to her creation is anything to go by, wearable anime might just be the next hot trend to take over the fashion world. We’d love to see an entire collection printed in this illustrated style!

Images: Facebook
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