If Chinese Photoshop troll compilations were movies – a concept we sort of decided to run with – the 10th in the series would certainly be getting kind of ludicrous, with a ridiculous title and themes that no one actually wanted or asked for. While we’re thankfully not up to the 10th in the series (yet – that one will almost certainly need to involve Photoshop trolls in space) we’ve somehow arrived at the seventh compilation, where we find the Chinese Photoshop trolls are starting to get, well, a little bit cocky…

If you’re somehow new to the series, a quick explanation is in order: Photoshop trolling is what happens when someone asks for the Internet’s help in turning an otherwise ordinary or boring photo into something cool so they can post it on Facebook and make all their friends think they’re totally dating a supermodel or whatever, only for the request to backfire when the Internet does what it does best and purposefully misunderstands the request for hilarious results.

There are six whole episodes of this madness to revel in, so if you’re the kind of person who has to do things in order, go nuts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Up to speed? Then let’s go!

▼ “My boyfriend dumped me because he says I’m not sexy enough. Help me show him what he’s missing out on!”




▼ “Can someone combine these two photos for me?”


▼ Sure!


▼ “Can someone make my face a little more expressive? I want this to be a big hit on SNS!”


▼ How’s this?


▼ “I want to look more creepy in this picture.”


▼Either of these do?

trolls8 trolls9

▼ “Please retouch this photo for me! Just make it look a little prettier or more clear.”


▼ Now that’s just random…trolls11

▼ “Show me what my sons will look like when they grow up!”

trolls12 trolls13

▼ “Make me look cool!”

trolls15 trolls16

▼ “Can you guys make this one look a little more poignant?”


▼ (The trolls obliged by putting him in front of an STD awareness poster.)


▼ “I want a different girl next to me.”

trolls19 trolls20

▼ “Can someone make my girlfriend look more… uninhibited?”

trolls21 trolls22

▼ “Help me make this fight scene look more intense!”

trolls23 trolls24

▼ “Make us look like a boy band!”

trolls25 trolls26

▼ “Somebody please help me spice this one up a little!”

trolls27 trolls28

Like all good ridiculous sequels, Chinese Photoshop Trolls Part 7 also has an appropriately hamfisted moral: Be careful what you wish for, and never, ever ask someone you don’t know personally to help retouch your stupid photos.

See you next time for Part 8: We’re Not Even Trying Anymore.

Photos via: 参照元:QQ空間 123  

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