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It’s said that playing online games together fosters teamwork and friendship. That’s often true, and playing games socially is infinitely more fun than playing alone, but one friendship turned sour in China recently when a game of League of Legends went severely awry, ending with one youth taking up a knife and slashing his friend for questioning his competency at the game. Click below for more details on this tragic urban tale.

The two players, let’s call them Yu and Ming, were acquaintances from the same village, and both big fans of the online game League of Legends. On August 16 at around 7:00pm local time, Yu was playing at a net cafe when he noticed that Ming had also joined the session from a similar location nearby, so the two friends decided to work together in the game.

Yu, however, apparently felt that Ming was not performing well enough at the game, and began chiding him for it. As you might expect when competitive egos are involved, the two quickly got into a heated argument and things got a bit too personal. Before long, Ming’s rage was so much that he procured a knife, went to the net cafe Yu was playing at and cut his friend’s head with the blade.

Fortunately, Yu was taken to hospital immediately and received treatment. He was not seriously injured in the incident and is currently recovering well. The gaming pair’s parents, who are also acquaintances, have reportedly resolved the situation and Yu and Ming have patched things up, though we have to wonder how easy it would be to trust a friend after they’ve tried to cleave your skull…

The summer heat might get us agitated really easily, but let’s remember to cool down before doing anything rash, folks!

Source: Sina Games
Top/feature image: Rubix Gaming