People who can’t start a meal until they’ve snapped the perfect picture and shared it on Facebook or Instagram, with hashtags, of course. People who walk slower than your grandma in a crowded mall or train station because they’re engaged in some mobile game or have their eyes glued on to some soap opera on their tiny screens. And then there are those who feel the incessant need to check if anyone “liked” their recent status update, or consistently have twenty group chats to reply to. There are so many of such cases these days, I’m sure you know what I’m driving at.

I’m talking about people who are addicted to their smartphones. Apparently some of them get so engrossed in their phones that they can’t walk or board the subway with their own legs.

Unfortunately, my husband is one of those phone addicts. We barely even talk at the table when we dine out because he’s always, always, fidgeting with his phone. I used to get annoyed and angry but I’ve since learnt the art of staring into space. I had a feeling that I might be nearing enlightenment, until I came across this girl and her phone addict of a boyfriend. Thanks to them, I’m now learning to count my blessings.

The couple was recently photographed creating quite an unusual scene at a subway station in Beijing. Chinese website 97973.com reported that the couple were seen having an argument, although the reason wasn’t clearly specified, but somehow it ended up looking like a kid refusing to leave the toy section, leaving his mum with no choice but to drag him out of the store. However, in this case, it was the girlfriend who had to tow her boyfriend onboard the subway instead.

[Imaginary argument]
▼ GF: “Let go of the damn phone!”
BF: “No! Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!!”


▼ GF: “I’ll drag you onboard if I have to! Just watch me!”
BF: *this is actually kinda fun…*86031868

▼ BF: “Ooh! Boobies on ma phone!”U2456P115DT20140817143018

The scene did not go unwitnessed, of course. Aside from the quick-reflexed people who instantly whipped out their cameras to snap a picture, the ridiculous couple had attracted the attention of quite a number of passengers. It was said that a kid even burst into tears at the ruckus.

As the photos went viral online, Chinese netizens started referring to the girl in the incident as “Subway Superwoman” due to her eye-pleasing good looks and her strength and determination to lug her boyfriend a good ten meters or so across the platform and on to the train. If you ask me, I’d say the boyfriend deserves the title of “Smartphone Superman” too for his undeterred dedication towards his mobile gadget.




It’s pretty obvious that this has to be some kind of gimmick done by some mobile phone provider or game company, as many Internet users have speculated. I, for one, have never seen someone who is SO attached to his smartphone, and I don’t see why any decent-minded girl would put up with such behavior from her boyfriend. However, with the increasing number of phone addicts these days, who’s to say anything for sure? What would your response be if your partner was one of these extreme smartphone addicts? Share your views in the comments section below!

Source/Images: 97973.com via Game Over